What is tilt in poker – How to control and prevent tilt

When playing any card game, you can get tilted. So what is tilt in poker? Today let’s learn about tilt with WOWJILI and how to control and prevent it. Because you win a lot in one session.

What is tilt in poker?

What is tilt in poker?

There are many concepts you need to understand to be able to play poker successfully. The ability to keep your emotions under control, to limit tilt, is a journey that needs to be taken to know where you will go.

Tilt is an emotional phenomenon of emotional tension in poker. The expression is anger at whatever event takes place. Leading to poor card playing, frustration, and irritability. All these emotions have nothing to do with Poker. It’s because the player is controlled by his emotions and cannot control his emotions.

How to control tilt

You need to understand the nature of poker: if you see this as an intellectual sport and do not see poker as a game of chance, you will not let the element of luck control you.

Recite the mantra in your head: there are two mantras we advise you to recite silently: “discipline” (discipline) and “educated guess” (guess about your opponent’s cards). When you enter the table, recite these two spells about 3-5 times.

If your emotions cannot be controlled, leave the table. Close your eyes and think about good things from the past, maybe smoke a cigarette, or walk around the room, listen to music, chat with other players, or look at female players.

Check your decisions in terms of equity on odds sites like PokerStove to see if your decisions are right or wrong. It’s very normal for you to read the wrong lesson but take the right action. You are all mortals, not saints. If you make the right decision the result is a loss. So just keep walking and don’t think.

Instructions to prevent tilt

Instructions to prevent tilt

Khi đang chơi poker nhưng anh em có dấu hiệu bị tilt. Đừng hoảng loạn vì sau đây chúng tôi sẽ hướng dẫn cho anh em cách để có thể ngăn chặn tilt. Những cách này rất hiệu quả, mời anh em tham khảo

What is placing stop-loss to block tilt in poker

Stop-loss means the cut-loss mark. The goal is to avoid losing more money on the hand. You need to have your own stop-loss. This is the limit on the amount of money you can lose, allowing you to lose money. If this threshold has been reached, it must be stopped immediately.

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Even if you feel like you can still continue playing, absolutely not. Because this is a form of tilt. At this time, your reason has been lost and only emotions dominate. If you continue, you will lose more money. Not only that, you will fall into a state where you cannot control your emotions and will cause unpredictable consequences.

Of course, choosing the stop-loss mark will not be easy. It depends a lot on your psychological endurance. This is the level where when you lose, you still keep yourself awake.

Stop-loss is the threshold at which the amount of money lost affects your gameplay. Always keep that in mind before playing. Set a stop-loss threshold, and stop playing immediately when it hits the threshold. The most effective and important way to prevent tilt is for you to keep your friends from having the opportunity to get tilted.

Limit play sessions

Limit play sessions

Poker sessions can last a long time. It’s important to set limits for yourself when playing. Even if you don’t lose in that session. But prolonging the playing session also greatly affects the player’s psychology.

To avoid psychological effects that can lead to tilt. Your job is to register to limit the playing sessions. Our advice is to limit it to 30 minutes. This is the time when you can concentrate 100%.

After 30 minutes of stress, you must let your brain relax. You can drink coffee, eat cakes, listen to music, or go for a walk… When you feel comfortable, come back and continue playing.

Don’t take relaxing moments lightly. It will help you feel at ease and make more accurate decisions. If you neglect to relax, Til will find you quickly.

Prepare a good spirit

You must have a good and healthy spirit to have great poker tables. Imagine if you just woke up, didn’t brush your teeth, didn’t wash your face, or even didn’t eat breakfast. So where do you get the good spirit to start a new day?

Give yourself time to prepare well from spirit to appearance and health. You will feel excited when you are tidy and no longer entangled with the chaos around you


Through the above article, we have answered for you the question of what tilt is in poker. And also share with you how to control and prevent tilt. With these ways, WOWJILI hopes that when you encounter tilt, it will help you overcome it.

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