What is Bundesliga – Learn about the memorable milestones

What is Bundesliga, We will introduce the Bundesliga through the article below so that soccer enthusiasts can know about the tournament. With a long history and a collection of talented teams, the Bundesliga has become one of the world’s leading leagues. However, those who are new and interested need to clearly understand what is attractive about the tournament. WOWJILI‘s article will help readers better understand the tournament.

Learn about the Bundesliga tournament – ​​What is the Bundesliga?

Learn about the Bundesliga tournament – ​​What is the Bundesliga?

The Bundesliga, the German football championship, is the top league in the German football competition system. Founded in 1963, the Bundesliga has become one of the sports leagues attracting the highest average number of spectators per match globally.

Currently, the tournament has the participation of 18 different clubs, the 2 lowest ranked teams will play in the 2nd division after the season ends. The teams ranked 16th will have to compete with the team ranked 3rd in the 2nd division to determine which team will win the right to compete in the Bundesliga next season.

Up to now, there have been 56 teams that have competed in the Bundesliga since the tournament’s inception. In its 57-year competition history, the Bayern Club is the club with the most championships with a total of 28 championships. In the 2011-2012 season, Bundesliga set a record for match attendance, with 45,134 fans coming to the stadium to watch each match.

Bundesliga competition format and format 

Bundesliga competition format and format 

The German Bundesliga is organized in a two-legged format, with the participation of 18 teams and a total of 34 rounds like other tournaments such as La Liga, Premier League, etc. The Bundesliga season starts in August and lasts until May of the following year.

Teams that win rankings from 1 to 4 will win tickets to attend the group stage of the UEFA Champions League, Europe’s top tournament. Next, the clubs ranked 5th and 6th will have the opportunity to participate in the UEFA Europa League.

As mentioned above in the article, the bottom two teams will be relegated directly, while the 16th-ranked team will participate in a play-off against the 3rd-ranked team in the German 2nd division, known as the German 2nd division for short. League 2. This play-off match will decide the last team to get a spot in the Bundesliga next season.

  • In case clubs end the season with the same number of points, they will be sorted based on the following criteria:
  • The club’s goal difference in the entire tournament
  • Total number of goals scored by the club during the competition season
  • Confrontation achievements
  • Total number of goals scored by the club in away matches
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List of favorite clubs in the Bundesliga

List of favorite clubs in the Bundesliga

All important information about the Bundesliga tournament has been provided in the article. In addition, below will be a list of favorite clubs in Germany’s top tournament. You can register to follow details about the competition schedule and performance of the clubs.

Bayer 04 Leverkusen

A German football club, headquartered in Leverkusen, plays in Germany’s highest league and the club’s home ground is BayArena. Currently, the club is in high form with 27 consecutive unbeaten matches, including 23 wins and 3 draws.

The club is at the top of the rankings with 73 points, 13 points ahead of its rival Bayern Munich, and is aiming for the championship after many years of missing out. Under coach Xabi Alonso, Bayer 04 has become one of the most watchable clubs today.

Hamburg SV

Hamburg is the team with the longest presence in Germany’s top league, spanning 55 years of competition in the Bundesliga. They went through a difficult time when they were relegated in the 2017-2018 season, finishing in 17th place, only 2 points behind the relegation play-off team Wolfsburg.

However, during the 1970s and 1980s, Hamburg was one of the top teams in the Bundesliga, winning three championships in the 1978-1979, 1981-1982 and 1982-1983 seasons. Although they subsequently went through a period of decline, that great achievement still stands in the club’s history.

Bayern Munich

It is undeniable that Bayern Munich’s superior strength in the Bundesliga. Before the 2019-2020 season, Bayern had consecutively won the Bundesliga championship for 7 seasons, marking this team’s dominance in the tournament. Bayern Munich established an era of greatness, surpassing its rivals and becoming a symbol of success in German football.


Thus, the article has clearly shown and helped readers better understand What is Bundesliga tournament is. Hopefully, the above information will help you when watching the tournament or betting on matches in the German football tournament.

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