How many rounds does Seria have and what is the format?

How many rounds does Seria have is a top search keyword every time the season holds prestigious Italian football tournaments. Seria is another name for the world’s leading Italian football championship tournament. Join WOWJILI to discover many interesting things that you may not know about this tournament.

Basic information about the Serie A tournament

Basic information about the Serie A tournament

This is the largest and most anticipated tournament in Italy with the participation of a series of professional football teams and countless famous players. When standing on the pinnacle of victory, the team that wins the Seria championship cup will be awarded the noble Scudetto title.

It is estimated that the Italian championship tournament has had more than 90 years of existence and development. The first time this tournament was held was in 1920 – a year that left many valuable memories in the hearts of football fans. This is an important event that contributes to creating a heroic history for world football.

Seria A is an opportunity for top teams to show off their bravery, talent, and tactics that they have trained and prepared for a long time. Besides, this is also a potential playground for players to show off their skills and impress the audience as well as other big players in the industry.

Regulations in the Serie A tournament format

Before participating in soccer betting games related to this top tournament, you need to equip yourself with the most basic knowledge about it. In this Italian championship tournament, 20 football teams will compete in a round-robin format. Only in 1947 did 21 teams compete.

From the qualifying round, we will find the 4 best teams holding the top position to advance to the Champions League group stage. The two unlucky teams ranked 5th and 6th will receive tickets to attend the Europa League tournament. Just like that, the bottom 3 teams will be arranged to participate in the Seria B season in the next tournament.

The top 2 teams in the Seria B group will be the replacement teams. A single ticket to climb from B to A will be given to the only team that wins the final round of the playoff round taking place between teams ranked 8 to 3 at level B. This is always a tense time. go for teams to compete for the last tickets.

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How many rounds does the prestigious Seria tournament have?

How many rounds does the prestigious Seria tournament have?

As mentioned above, the number of teams participating in the competition is limited to 20. A few special cases with changes in the number of teams took place in 1947 with 21 teams and the period before 2004 was 16 -18 teams. Teams will compete through 38 rounds with a rotating competition format.

Highlights of the Serie A tournament

After solving the question of how many rounds Seria has, let’s learn more about the bright spots that make up the attraction and influence of this prestigious tournament.

The appearance of top professional football teams

No matter how many rounds there are in Seria, there are also as many precious moments where you can witness the courage and professionalism of the world’s top teams. The competing teams are all clubs that have had many illustrious victories in the past, promising not to disappoint you with what they will do.

With the presence of names like Inter Milan, AS Roma, or Juventus,… Every football match that takes place is a life-and death match that is difficult to win or lose between the “big guys”. Take the time to watch each match carefully and you will realize many interesting things in the playing style and thinking of veteran coaches.

Open your eyes to unique gameplay and strategies

Open your eyes to unique gameplay and strategies

The teams competing in the famous Seria tournament are all teams that possess careful tactical play, strong attacking ability, and extremely solid defense. They often change their playing style so that their opponents cannot read their moves.

Every football match is not only a battle of intelligence and strategy but also an arena that requires high levels of endurance and perseverance. All of the above factors combine to give us a quality football season that cannot be missed. Perhaps that is why Seria has always been an indispensable part of the spiritual life of football enthusiasts.


The problem is “How many rounds does the Seria have and how is each round organized?” We have fully answered the above article. Seria has been, is, and will always be an indispensable spiritual dish for anyone with a strong interest and passion for this king sport.

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