Dragon Master: Instructions on How to Play

Dragon Master takes gamers to explore the land ruled by dragons, immersing themselves in the joy of technology controlling every detail of completing the mission. To achieve victory at Vipph, you must show your skills, tactics, and quick reflexes when shooting down the target. So, how do you participate effectively? All will be revealed through the information below.

Introducing the game Dragon Master

Unlike boring traditional fish-shooting games, this game offers an attractive world with an extremely impressive interface, allowing you to experience an adventurous adventure. It is designed in a colorful 3D animation style, creating a new game space that attracts players.

This game is unique because it confronts countless prehistoric animals, mainly dragons. Players can freely immerse themselves in the match to unlock new locations and compete with other players to become true dragon hunters. At the same time, practice gamer skills to earn more great rewards.

Game characteristics

The reason Dragon Master has become a famous game genre today is because of its new features that enhance the experience, creating high value and opportunities for gamers. Specifically:

Design the theme

You can participate in battles to get ranked according to the season and receive rewards. In addition, the daily and weekly mission system is also highly diverse. The function buttons are marked for players to recognize quickly, creating favorable conditions for the gaming experience.

Besides, the animal hunting design creates vivid 3D creature images, a beautiful color gamut, and clear sound graphics, making you feel lost in an ice age. The game’s interface is friendly and easy to use.

Security and cost

Dragon Master is unique to other fish shooting games thanks to its new construction and development ideas. The final product achieves maximum security by using off-the-shelf technologies that combine strong security with low transaction costs, delivering a great gaming experience at a low price. Optimal.

Bonus value

The system provides much higher prizes than conventional fish shooting games. Another difference is in damaging creatures, shooting fish only receives coins when defeating the target, while Dragon Master who causes damage immediately receives lucky money, even easier to beat than fish because of the dragon’s large body.

Types of creatures

The game location is in a forest with a rich ecosystem, home to many different species of dragons, such as fire dragons, dinosaurs, birds, etc. Dragons of all sizes correspond to bonus values the larger the size. The heavier the weight, the higher the value. Quality creature graphics and realistic sounds recreate the Jurassic era right on the screen.


The game has a betting level that ensures you are not subject to any restrictions. To ensure fairness, game rewards are linked to betting points, encouraging players to strive to achieve excellent results. Dragon Master unlocks each groundbreaking feature as follows:

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Automatic aiming and shooting is free, you don’t have to buy it with money like other games on the market. At the same time, you are allowed to use special bullets if you have enough money.
The button adjusts the bullet level while each type of bullet corresponds to a different bet level.
Aim continuously at a moving target group, providing a higher hit rate.
The unique Boomerang feature in Dragon Master allows you to double your attack power in one go for only a few coins.
Install game effects and view instructions and bonus values ​​for all creatures.
Activate Dynamite for a long-range attack on the primary target.

Promotional offers

The game portal provides countless rewards to members who complete the task of shooting all special dragons or achieving high achievements. At the same time, a variety of special events are carried out, creating opportunities for new players to receive gifts.

Instructions on how to play Dragon Master

This game is designed in a humorous and colorful cartoon style, creating a unique and attractive open space. Converting between the money fund and the point fund is easy, helping the game run smoothly. All of this makes it an enjoyable experience.

To start participating, you need to follow the following process:

Step 1: Search for an official bookmaker, write down all login information into your account.

Step 2: Deposit money into your account and estimate the bet levels.

Step 3: Access the fish shooting section and select the Dragon Master game.

Step 4: Choose to start playing. Depending on the level of participation, you choose the lowest bet level suitable for new players and then gradually increase it later. Adjust bullets using the + / – buttons on the screen.

Step 5: Track the results; the bonus gradually increases according to the size of the dragon or dinosaur. You can withdraw your bonus money.

Note when playing Dragon Master

To become a professional hunter, you need to combine skilled skills with gun flexibility:

  • Calculate bullet damage, movement speed, and precise timing to aim at your prey.
  • Use small bullets for baby dragons and avoid wasting resources.
  • Concentrating targets in Dragon Master in large groups will bring greater accuracy.
  • Don’t waste bullets on big bosses, they consume quite a lot of bullets and are unlikely to be destroyed.
  • Choose the level of play appropriate to your level and financial capital because each level is equivalent to a different bullet sales value.

Experience and how to play the ultimate Dragon Master game for newbies. This game will definitely bring bettors many new entertainment experiences and receive huge bonuses from this game.

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