Currently, there are many betting brands operating in the Philippines. With such competition from online bookmakers, it is difficult for players to choose a reputable bookmaker to bet on. A suggestion for you to bet safely is bookmaker WOWJILI. Start joining our bookmaker by registering a betting account. How to register WOWJILI and how many steps are there? We will give you detailed instructions on how to register a betting account right below.

Detailed Steps to Register a WOWJILI Account

WOW JILI COM brings players the most modern service experience today that no other online bookmaker can match. In particular, registering a betting account is designed and improved to bring you the most concise, simple, and easy-to-understand operations. It helps players avoid mistakes when registering an account. So, do you know the steps to register WOWJILI yet? We will guide you through the detailed steps to register a betting account.

Detailed Steps to Register a WOWJILI Account
Detailed Steps to Register a WOWJILI Account

Step 1: login to go to the homepage and select “Register” to start registering an account

To join the right WOWJILI bookmaker, players in the Philippines must access a secure link to access the WOWJILI homepage. Do not access links of unknown origin because, currently, many websites impersonate our brand to commit fraud. We will provide you with the official registration link below:

After successfully accessing the WOW JILI COM bookmaker’s homepage on your phone device. On the home page, you will see the “Register” section, click “Register” to create your betting account.

Step 1: login to go to the homepage and select "Register" to start registering an account

Step 2: Bettors, please fill in the account registration information in the “Account Register” form

After clicking on the “Register” section on the WOW JILI Casino homepage, an account registration form will appear on your phone screen. Your task now is to fill out all registration information in our form. Remember you are responsible for the registration information you provide. If there are any problems due to incorrect registration information, we will not be responsible. The important registration information that you need to fill out in the form is:

  • Member Account: Bettors need to create a member account with a length of 4 to 16 characters. Member accounts only support English letters and numbers. Member accounts cannot contain special characters.
  • Password: Players should set a password with a length of 6 TO 16 characters. Password must contain at least 2 of 3 types of characters: English letters, numbers, or symbols.
  • Phone Number: Players, please provide your phone number so we can send you an account verification notification. Do not borrow other people’s phone numbers or use fake ones.
  • Verification code: Fill in the confirmation code we sent to the phone number you provided above.
Step 2: Bettors, please fill in the account registration information in the "Account Register" form.

Step 3: Confirm that you are 18 years old, agree to the user terms and click “Register”

Bettors in the Philippines after completing the account registration information in the form. To avoid information errors, please double-check all registration information you have provided to us.
Please tick the box “I am 18 years old, have read and agree to the user terms”. Finally, click “Register” below the form to complete betting account registration.

So with only 3 steps to register a betting account at WOWJILI. The steps to register a betting account are short and simple, bettors in the Philippines can register successfully in just 2-3 minutes.

The process of creating a betting account at bookmaker WOWJILI is very easy for players. However, there are still some cases where players make mistakes during the registration process. Therefore, we share some important notes when registering a betting account at our bookmaker.

Notes When Creating a WOWJILI Account
Notes When Creating a WOWJILI Account
  • Be careful and find the right address, a reputable link leading to the official bookmaker WOWJILI. Many fake links of our brand lead players to other bookmakers that lack credibility.
  • The registration information you provide to us must be complete and authentic. Do not use fake information or other people’s information to register for an account. In the future, the house system will rely on this registration information to verify and perform online transactions for players.
  • Fill in the correct phone number you are using, because when creating an account, we will send a verification code to your phone number. Accurately fill in the verification code we sent to successfully register your account.
  • Make sure you are over 18 years old or of legal age according to the laws of the state where you live.
  • Note that each individual can only own 1 betting account at bookmaker WOWJILI. If the system detects that you are using more than 1 betting account at the same time, we have the right to lock the related accounts.
  • Carefully read the bookmaker’s terms and conditions for opening an account before confirming account creation to avoid future complaints and problems.

If you are wondering and don’t know which bookmaker to choose for betting, register WOWJILI as the wisest choice. We are one of the most reputable and quality bookmakers in the betting market. Received great support from bettors in the Philippines and other countries in the region.